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Pregnancy and Birth

Classes for Couples, Blessingway Ceremonies and Birth Doula Services.

Journey to Milk

Breastfeeding Mentoring, Sacred Milk Classes and Circles.

Postpartum Honouring

Sealing Ceremonies, Sacred Belly Binding, Reiki Healing.


Milk Circles

Red Tent for nursing mothers

Milk Circles are similar to Red Tent for nursing mothers. They are monthly gatherings that offer ceremonies and activities honouring, grieving, or celebrating a mother’s nursing journey. See https://www.facebook.com/SacredMilkCalgary/

Sealing Ceremony

Closing and healing

Birthing a baby is no easy task. The process can leave our bodies open in more ways than one. Ceremonial “Sealing” during the postpartum period helps to symbolically close the body, allowing for healing (in a physical and spiritual sense), retention of warmth, and signifying the next step in our journey down the path of Motherhood.

A Sealing Ceremony includes:

Ceremonial Closing Bath

A ceremonial closing bath honors and recognizes a mother’s strength and selfless sacrifice that she endured birthing her child into this world. With two different ceremonial baths to choose from, soak, relax & be reminded of your beauty and that you are “perfect” just the way you are.

Rebozo Tuck-In & Blessing

A fabulous addition after a ceremonial sealing bath or as a stand-alone service. Be treated to an warming oil rub-down, followed by placement of warmed flaxseed & lavender packs over key parts of the body, held in place by lightly tied rebozos with a Blessing given at each key point. You then rest while warmly wrapped.

Sacred Belly Binding

A traditional belly binding method of wrapping your torso in a tight piece of soft fabric. It is done by wrapping and tying the cloth starting at the pubic bone and working toward the sternum. The wrap will be across the entire length of your torso. The Postpartum Belly Wrap can help with posture, organs and uterus go back to pre-pregnancy size faster. This process should be done every other day for a few hours.

Package fee: $180 (+$90 if you want your own belly binding wrap)

Sacred Belly Binding

Sessions, Wrap & Paste

A traditional belly binding method of wrapping your torso in a tight piece of soft fabric. It is done by wrapping and tying the cloth starting at the pubic bone and working toward the sternum. The wrap will be across the entire length of your torso. The Postpartum Belly Wrap can help with posture, organs, uterus size and healing go back to pre-pregnancy size faster. This process should be done every other day for a few hours.

If you have had a vaginal delivery you may schedule binding 3 days following delivery. If you have had a c-section this service cannot be completed until you are at least 4 weeks postpartum. ​

Fee: $150 for 2 sessions in your home and instructions on how to continue to do the binding - includes 1 binding wrap (yours to keep).
You may purchase additional session at $40 per session.
Belly bind and instructions only - $90

Birth Doula

Labour support

As a birth doula I am a trained professional who understands the natural process of birth, and work with your family during labour and birth to create the most positive, healthy and natural experience possible for you. I provide physical, emotional and informational support.

“I love to support parents as they welcome a new child to their lives. I believe that creating the best possible birthing and postpartum environment can strengthen the bond between a child and their parents.”

To book my birth doula services, contact Five Elements Birth Services: https://fiveelementsbirth.com

Birth Journey Classes

Sacred Pregnancy

If you are at the end of your pregnancy and want a special place for you and your partner to connect to discuss important birthing topics as you dance, run or confidently walk through YOUR Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother…Then YOU need Sacred Pregnancy Birth Journey classes! Birth is a unique and special time for every woman, no matter how or where it happens and each birth should be looked at as the Most Sacred Time in a woman’s life. Only good can come from a peaceful, empowered birth experience, both for the mother and the baby.

The 4 week “birth journey” courses are for pregnant couples and explore the following topics:

Week ONE: standing at the edge DISCUSS what is happening to your birthing body + visualizations. Partner Project : create personal visualization + beauty way birth plan + mala mantras.

Week TWO: surrender PRACTICE pushing into the surges and not contracting away + TRUST + surge strategies + the power of smell + song. Partner Project : power stones + choose a birth song.

Week THREE: birth Birth talk / when will I know I am in labor, technical talk, + education!. Partner Project : LOVE labor method + deep voice toning

Week FOUR: rite of passage Discuss rite of passage + mother roasting + mother wisdom. Partner Project : learn to make an herbal sitz bath + crossing the threshold from maiden to mother + community stone soup.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending this course.

Belly Cast

Art & memory

A Belly Cast is a fun and relaxing way to commemorate your pregnancy. I will come to you with all the material needed to create your belly cast. You can then decorate your belly cast any way you like, use it as a decorative bowl or hang it on a wall in your bedroom, family room, living room or baby’s bedroom.

I am not providing belly cast services at this time.

Blessing Way Ceremony

Rite of passage to motherhood

A blessingway is a special celebration to encourage and pamper the soon-to-birth mama. It is a gathering of women you count as your closest friends, the ones who share your joy in your pregnancy, believe in your ability to give birth, and will be keeping you in their thoughts and prayers as you go through labour, birth and those precious first weeks with your new baby.

In our culture today, there are so few ways to honor the mother to be. We make an attempt during baby showers, but for the most part this turns into a simple showering of gifts for the baby and does nothing for the mother in terms of the rite of passage she is about to go through. This sacred time in the mother's life deserves more than gifts.

At a blessingway, the focus is on encouraging and empowering the woman herself, as she is the one who will work to bring the baby safely earth-side.

I can help you bring together those special women in your life for an unforgettable time together. your blessingway can include: birthing necklace making, bracelet string activity to connect women, special candles, belly casting, henna painting, foot and hand massage, sharing of songs, telling of stories.

Fee for a customized 2-4 hours blessingway: $180-$300 (includes all materials for the different activities selected).

Journey to Milk


Prenatal Journey to Milk Classes are a series of 4 prenatal classes that prepare mothers to:

  • recognize what is biologically normal
  • honor their Milk, their baby, and themselves
  • know this truth: internal work = external result
  • join in a circle of sisterhood
  • create their own personal support community!

During Journey to Milk Classes you will discover why Milk is Sacred and you will learn...

  • what is normal for human mothers and babies
  • how to release your HERstory
  • new developments in nutrition
  • how to recognize barriers to Milk and how to address them
  • to surrender expectations
  • how to heal from the heart
  • using wisdom with weaning

Together WE embrace the Sacred as you nourish your Milk Journey by:

  • Claiming - Discovering the need to know information about Milk and making it your own.
  • Healing - Information and activities to heal what you have claimed.
  • Honouring - The act of creating tangible absorption and honouring what you have claimed.
  • Ceremony - Respect, ritual and personal realization of what you have claimed.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending this course.

Reiki Healing

Heal with reiki energy

Book a one hour Reiki session in the confort of your home for $75. For more information see http://emiliehealing.com/

What it Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word, "Rei" meaning Universe, and "Ki" meaning Energy.

Everybody and everything exists of energy. This energy flows through us, surrounds us and nourishes us; it is the reason why we are able to live.

What does Reiki do?

  • Promotes natural self-healing
  • Balances the energies in the body
  • Releases blocks and suppressed feelings
  • Treats symptoms as well as causes of disease
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Balances organs and glands, and their bodily functions
  • Clears toxins

Each healing experience is unique to the individual. After an energy healing treatment, most people report a sense of calm and peace.

What to Expect During a Treatment

The client, fully clothed, lies on the treatment table. The practitioner's hands remain in a stationary position, gently on or slightly above the body through several positions from head to toe. The private areas are worked on 4-6” above the body. There is no manipulation of the skin or tissue. Reiki is not massage.

Emilie Sanmartin

I am ...

... the Mother of two beautiful children. I believe a good birth and postpartum experience can strengthen the relationship between a child and it’s parents.

... certified as a birth doula by DONA International.

... a Sacred Pregnancy certified Mother Roaster. I am charged with holding space for women on the other side of birth. I am reminded of being reverent with my service to her, and I am blessed to be her witness as she starts feeding her baby milk, heals her body, and begins to seal the rawness of her birth experience.

... a Sacred Milk Mentor, a lactation educator who provides prenatal Journey To Milk classes and mini retreats, and ongoing supportive Milk Circles. It is the focus of a Milk Mentor to provide education, suggest resources, hold space in classes, mini retreats and Milk Circles.

... a Sacred Pregnancy certified instructor for Birth Journey classes.
... a Certified Reiki Master since 2014 (for more information see emiliehealing.com)

My services are available in English, French and Spanish.

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